1. An attempt by one spouse against the life of the other spouse, or of his or her sons, daughters, stepchildren, or stepdaughters;
  2. Cruel physical or psychological treatment, rendering domestic peace and tranquility impossible;
  3. Extramarital sexual intercourse;
  4. The proposal by one spouse to prostitute the other spouse;
  5. An attempt by the husband or wife to corrupt or prostitute his or her sons, daughters, stepsons, or stepdaughters, or to connive in their corruption or prostitution;
  6. Absolute abandonment by the husband of his duties as a husband or father, and by the wife of her duties as a wife or mother, provided at least six (6) months have elapsed from the day the cause of action arose. This is except in the case of the abandonment of a pregnant woman, in which the period shall be three (3) months;
  7. Habitual and unjustified use of drugs or psychotropic substances;
  8. Habitual drunkenness;
  9. De facto separation for more than two (2) years, even if the spouses live under the same roof;
  10. Mutual consent of the spouses, subject to the following conditions:
  • Both spouses are of legal age;
  • The marriage has been in existence for at least two (2) years;
  • The parties must ratify their request for divorce within two months of filing the petition and no later than six (6) months after the filing of the petition for divorce.


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