The Public Ministry of Panama is the government entity responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal offenses in the country. The entity is headed by the Attorney General of the Nation, who is appointed by the President of Panama and approved by the National Assembly.

The Office of Public Prosecutions has a wide range of responsibilities, including investigating and prosecuting criminal offenses, protecting victims’ rights, providing legal guidance to other government agencies, and promoting public safety. The entity also works closely with other law enforcement agencies, such as the National Police and the Judicial Investigation Directorate, to investigate and prosecute criminal offenses.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Panama is organized into various departments which are responsible for handling different aspects of the agency’s work, such as investigating specific types of crimes, protecting victims of crime, and working with other countries on international legal matters.

Panama’s Public Ministry has made significant efforts in recent years to modernize and improve its operations. For example, the agency has introduced new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its work, such as a case management system and an online platform for filing complaints and accessing legal information. The agency has also implemented new training programs for its staff to enhance their skills and knowledge. They even have a team of official translators available to provide translation and interpretation services to victims and defendants in Panama.

Overall, the Public Ministry of Panama plays a critical role in promoting public safety, protecting victims’ rights, and maintaining the rule of law in the country. Its work is essential in ensuring that criminals are brought to justice and that the rights of victims are respected and protected.

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