• Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visa Extension
  • Change of Immigration Status Extension
  • Non-Resident Multiple Entry Visa
  • Seaman Visa
  • Performing Artists Visa
  • Temporary and Technical Workers Visa
  • Domestic Workers Visa
  • Transient Workers or Performing Artists Visa
  • Short Stay Business Visa
  • Short Stay Family Visit Visa
  • Short Stay Researchers and Scientists Visa
  • Short Stay Medical Treatment Visa
  • Short Stay Traders and Investors Visa under special laws
  • Short Stay International Humanitarian Assistance Visa
  • Short Stay Bank Sector Visa
  • Short Stay Remote Worker Visa


Permanent Resident

For Economic Reasons:

  • Forestry Investment
  • Macro Enterprise Investor
  • Economic Solvency through Fixed-Term Deposit
  • Economic Solvency through Real Estate
  • Economic Solvency through Mixed Investment


Special Policies

  • Retired Rentier
  • Retired Pensioner
  • Investor in Panama Pacific Special Economic Area
  • Permit for Workers in the Panama Pacific Area
  • Investor in Export Processing Zone
  • Investor in Export Call Center
  • Investor in Film and Audiovisual Industry


Labor Reasons

  • Foreign Aviation Company Employee
  • Foreign Employee under 10% Ordinary Personnel
  • Expert or Technical Personnel within 15% Ordinary Personnel


Demographic Reasons

  • Married to a Panamanian
  • Dependent of Permanent Resident
  • Foreigners with Panamanian Children


Under Special Laws

  • Panama-Italy Treaty
  • Specific Countries
  • Foreign Professional
  • Diplomats who have left their missions


Religious Reasons

  • Permanent Resident as a Religious Servant of the Catholic and Orthodox Church
  • Permanent Resident Permit as Authorities, Ministers, Rabbis, Pastors, or Religious Leaders of other denominations


Temporary Resident  

Labor Reasons:

  • Foreign Personnel Hired by the National Government or Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous Entities
  • Foreign Personnel Hired by Companies under Contract with the Government
  • Foreign Executive Hired in Companies in the Colon Free Zone
  • Foreign Remunerated Personnel from Abroad who do not have Diplomatic Status
  • Person Hired as International Press Correspondent and Remunerated Abroad
  • Person Hired by Companies under the Marrakech Agreement
  • Sports Professional


Investment Reasons:

  • Agricultural Investor
  • Forestry Investor
  • Permanent Resident Permit as Qualified Investor


Special Policies

  • Foreign Employee Hired in Film and Audiovisual Industry
  • Researcher at City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Teacher at City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Entrepreneur or Executive at City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Technician at City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Student at City of Knowledge Foundation
  • Foreign Employee Hired by the Panama Canal Authority
  • Employee of Subcontractor of Company under Contract with the Panama Canal
  • Worker in the Panama-Pacific Area in Favor of Foreigners Hired by Companies in the Panama-Pacific Area, the Developer, the Operator or the Agency, to Work as Specialized Personnel in Technical Aspects and/or
  • Administrative Management Matters, in a Percentage Exceeding Fifteen Percent (15%) of Ordinary Workers
  • Workers in the Panama-Pacific Area in Favor of Foreigners Working for Companies with Less Than Ten Workers
  • Hired in a Trust Executive Expert Position in a Free Zone Company
  • Hired in Executive, Expert, and/or Technical Trust Positions in Commercial Use Call Center Companies
  • Person Hired as Executive of International Companies Whose Functions Take Effect Abroad
  • Person Hired by Multinational Company Headquarters
  • Carsi-Merida Agreement


Education Reasons

  • Temporary for Education Reasons
  • Foreign Participant in a Non-Profit Educational Program Approved by the Ministry of Education of Panama
  • Temporary as a Foreign Participant in the Fulbright Educational and Cultural Exchange Program
  • Education Reasons as a Student or Cadet Sponsored by Public Security Institutions


Religious Reasons:

  • Lay missionary serving the Catholic and Orthodox Church
  • Religious students of Catholic and Orthodox Church


Family Reunification:

  • Temporary residence permit for family reunification



  • Voluntary return
  • Vehicle exemptions within the special projects department.
  • Refugee procedures


If you need to apply for a visa or residence permit to visit, live or work in Panama, please contact us.