Tips for interntional travellers who wish to visit Panama

  • Travellers must provide the certain mandatory documents to be allowed to enter Panama
  • All travelers entering the Republic of Panama by air, sea or land must present the traveler’s affidavit form and a valid passport.
  • Prohibited goods: Drugs, narcotics, arms, ammunition, counterfeit goods.
  • If you are travelling to Panama and carrying US$10,000.00 (or equivalent) or more, you must declare it to Panama Customs. Non-compliance could lead to criminal prosecution and seizure of the money.
  • Tourists must bring at least US$500.00 to Panama to cover their expenses during their visit. It is also advisable to have a hotel reservation.
  • Each adult traveller is allowed to bring 500 grams of tobacco and 5 liters of licor
  • You are allowed to bring personal items in your carry-on bag, provided they are not for commercial purposes.
  • Travellers are advised not to bring food, seeds, plants and pets without having the proper authorization from the Panamanian authorities
  • If traveling from Costa Rica to Panama by car, a traveler must carry a car insurance policy valid in the Republic of Panama, an original copy of the vehicle title issued in the country of origin, and the driver’s passport. If the vehicle is owned by a legal entity, the driver must submit a copy of the letter of authorization notarized or legalized by the corresponding Panamanian Embassy or Consulate.

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