The written employment contract shall contain:

  • Name, nationality, age, sex, marital status, domicile, and ID number of the parties.
  • When the employer is a legal entity, its name or corporate name must be stated,
    along with its domicile, the name of its legal representative, and its registration data in the public registry.
  • Name of the persons who live with the worker and those who depend on him/her.
  • Specific determination of the agreed work or services and the modalities related to the same, as mutually agreed upon for their execution.
  • Place or places where the service is to be rendered.
  • Duration of the contract if it is for a fixed term or the corresponding statement if it is for an indefinite term, or for a specific project.
  • Duration and regular division of the working day.
  • The salary, method, day, and place of payment.
  • Place and date of conclusion.
  • Signatures of the parties if they are able to do so, or the imprint of their fingerprint in the presence of witnesses who sign at their request, and proof of official approval of the contract as required by the Panamanian Labor Code.

If you require assistance in drafting a labor contract in Panama, we are at your disposal to provide guidance and advice.