Requirements – Natural persons

Certificate to possess a firearm or license to carry a firearm in Panama

  • Be a natural person, either a Panamanian citizen or permanent resident of Panama, and have reached 18 years of age for a certificate to carry a firearm and 21 years of age for a license to carry a firearm.
  • Complete the attached application form for natural persons.
  • Present the invoice for the purchase of the firearm.
  • Copy of the identity card with the original for comparison.
  • Three recent passport-size photos with a white background, measuring 2″x2″.
  • Certification issued by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, valid for 6 months, stating that the applicant demonstrates mental and emotional stability.
  • Certification issued by an authorized clinical laboratory, valid for three (3) months from the date of its issuance, stating that the applicant has undergone an anti-doping test, the results of which are negative, proving that he/she has not consumed prohibited drugs.
  • Certification issued by a public or private institution duly authorized by the Institutional Directorate of Public Security Affairs (DIASP), which proves that the applicant passed the polygraph exam satisfactorily.
  • Certificate of a criminal record.
  • Proof of deposit made at the National Bank of Panama, accrediting the payment of the corresponding fees:
    • Certificate to possess a firearm: fifty dollars ($50.00).
    • License to carry a firearm: one hundred dollars ($100.00).

All information provided by the interested party to the DIASP for the issuance of a certificate to possess a firearm or a license to carry a firearm is understood to be given under oath, and, in case it is totally or partially false, it will result in the cancellation of the corresponding license, without prejudice to the corresponding criminal sanctions.

If you are not fluent in Spanish and wish to apply for a permit to carry and possess a firearm in Panama, please contact us.