When it comes to translating a birth certificate in Panama, it’s crucial to pay attention to several elements to ensure its validity and authenticity. Here are some important aspects to consider:

  • Payment of Revenue Stamps: It’s important to pay the corresponding revenue stamps before using a birth certificate. This requirement indicates its validity, and the document would not be valid without the payment of the revenue stamp to the Panamanian government.
  • Verification of Dates: It’s essential to verify both the issuance date and expiration date of the certificate. These dates can be critical in determining the document’s validity, especially if it’s needed for legal or administrative procedures in Panama or abroad.
  • Type of Certificate: Depending on the type of procedure, either a summary or full copy of the birth certificate may be required. The Electoral Tribunal of Panama can provide both types of vital records.
  • Authentication of the Certificate: To grant greater validity to the birth certificate, it’s important to have it authenticated by the Electoral Tribunal of Panama. This would be an additional step to the certificate issuance and involves an extra cost. The certificate must be authenticated by the issuing authority to be apostilled or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.
  • Apostille or Legalization: Depending on the destination country and its legal requirements, it’s necessary to determine whether the certificate should be apostilled or legalized for use abroad. This ensures that the document is recognized and accepted as valid in the corresponding country.
  • Certified Translation: Once the birth certificate has been translated into the required language, it’s important to proceed with the apostille or legalization process for the translation. This involves obtaining the official seal certifying the authenticity of the translation, adding credibility to the document. The translated document must be signed and stamped by a Panamanian certified translator.
  • Electronic Certificate: An electronic version of the birth certificate can also be obtained by scanning the QR code and entering the validation code that appears on the physical copy of the birth certificate.

By paying attention to these important elements and following the proper procedures, you can ensure that the translated birth certificate meets legal requirements and is valid for use abroad.

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