The steps to get an apostille for a birth certificate in the Republic of Panama are as follows:

  • Obtain a recent copy of the birth certificate from an office of the Panama Electoral Tribunal.
  • Request that the Civil Registry of Panama authenticate the birth certificate.
  • Schedule an appointment with the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama to obtain an apostille or legalize the document.
  • Attend the appointment on the scheduled day and pay the corresponding fees for the apostille service.
  • Collect the apostilled birth certificate once it is ready.
  • Obtain a certified translation of the document and its apostille certificate.
  • Get an apostille for the sworn translation to ensure its recognition in Hague Convention member countries

If necessary, verify the validity of the apostille using the QR code on the birth certificate. It is not possible to get an apostille for a birth certificate that has expired. Always check the date of issue and the date of expiry on the birth certificate.

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