The National Migration Service of Panama will deport and order the prohibition of entry into Panamanian territory for foreigners under the following circumstances:

  • Entering the country irregularly, except for exceptions established in special laws
  • Remaining undocumented or irregular in Panamanian territory
  • Engaging in conduct contrary to morals and good customs
  • Endangering public security, national defense, and public health
  • Engaging in any other conduct determined by law

The Panamanian immigration authority may order deportation if the following elements are met:

  • Proving the existence of the facts that give rise to it
  • Allowing the foreigner to present their defense personally or through a licensed Panamanian lawyer or Panamanian law firm
  • Respecting the human rights and fundamental guarantees of the foreigner
  • Decreeing detention
  • Personally notifying the resolution ordering detention
  • Ensuring the best interests of minors and family unity are preserved

The decision ordering deportation shall be served personally. Only a petition for reconsideration may be lodged against the decision ordering deportation.

The Panamanian migration authority may authorize the voluntary return or departure of the foreigner, in cases provided by law, provided that the individual or a third party assumes the return costs. The deported foreigner may not return to the country for a period of five to ten years from the date of execution of their deportation. The foreigner may only return to the country after the entry ban is lifted and after reimbursing the Panamanian government for the costs of their deportation.

The Panamanian National Service may expel foreigners who engage in any of the following conducts:

  • Advocating for a crime or inciting racial, religious, cultural, or political hatred
  • Being a threat to collective security, health, or public order
  • Having been convicted of an intentional crime, after serving their sentence
  • Having been deported and reentering Panama irregularly

A foreigner expelled for any of the aforementioned reasons may not return to the country. The resolution for expulsion shall be personally delivered. Only a reconsideration petition may be pursued against it.

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