Application requirements:

  • Submit a formal written request addressed to the General Administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama, in which the relevant license is requested. The document must contain all the general information of the establishment as well as those of the owner or company.


Legal form of business


Natural persons

  •  Copy of national identiy document or passport of the legal representative


Juridical persons

  • Power of Attorney (POA) granted to a Panamanian lawyer by the legal representative. The POA must be notarized
  • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation and its amendments (Notarized).
  • Original certificate of the Directors and Officers, issued by the Public Registry of Panama (valid for at least 3 months or notarized copy).



  • Original certificate of ownership granted by the Public Registry (valid for at least 3 months or notarized copy).
  • Leased properties, the applicant must submit a copy of lease agreement endorsed by the Ministry of Housing and Land Management (MIVIOT) of Panama.
  • State-owned properties: Copy of the resolution granting the concession by the competent authority.
  • Certificate of invested capital, endorsed by a Panamanian Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a copy of the CPA’s license.
  • Existing conditions survey including architectural plan, elevations and sections with its square meters of each area separately, for example bathrooms, wardrobe, rooms and complementary areas.
  • Zoning certificate issued by the competent authority.


If you wish to obtain more information, please contact us. Our Panamanian legal advisors will be able to help you.