Panama Tourist Visa



  • Complete the visa application form.
  • Original passport and one copy of the passport or travel document with at least three months of remaining validity
  • Round-trip airline ticket or booked flight itinerary for onward travel. An e-ticket is acceptable.
  • Copy of the identification document or residency card of the country where the applicant lives.
  • Three (3) passport size photos
  • Immigration fees: US$50.00
  • Proof of financial solvency of at least US$500.00, which can be in the form of:

– Cashier’s check, certified check, or traveller’s check, payable to the applicant
– Bank account statement
– Credit card statement
– Employment verification letter
– Proof of retirement or pension income
– If the applicant is self-employed or a freelancer, he/she must submit a copy of his/her income tax return
– Bank reference, if the applicant is a businessperson
– Letter of sponsorship
– An alternative document that proves economic solvency and that is acceptable to the National Immigration Service of Panama

  • Submit a copy of the last immigration permit granted to the applicant (if any).
  • Confirmed hotel reservation
  • invitation letter (if applicable), which can only be issued by:

Temporary or permanent residents or Panamanian citizens living in Panama, including the following::
* Authenticated copy of the national identity card.of the Panamanian citizen
* Authenticated copy of the passport and identification document of the foreigner

Panamanian company (juridical person), including the following::
* Certification issued by the Public Registry of Panama
* Copy of business license or notice of operation
* Copy of operation key (operation permit), if the company is located in the Panama Colon Free Zone
* Copy of a utility bill, showing the name and address of the corporation

  • The financial solvency of the sponsor must be proven by:
    * Bank certification
    * Income tax return along with the certificate of good standing
    * Employment verification letter


Note: Documents written in a language other than Spanish must be translated by an Authorized Public Translator in Panama. It is not mandatory to retain a lawyer for this visa application. However, it is always advisable to have a Panamanian law expert guiding you.


If you meet the requirements to apply for a Panama Tourist Visa, please send us an e-mail.