Proof of domicile is an important document for individuals who are looking to make permanent residence in a new country or open a bank account. It is especially important for immigrants and businesses that need to prove their address in order to get the necessary permits or licenses.

Proof of address is required by most countries, including Panama, and it can be provided by showing a utility bill, lease agreement, or other documents that provide proof of your residency. It is also necessary for opening bank accounts and obtaining credit cards.

Having proof of residency can be difficult if you have recently moved or are living in temporary accommodation. However, there are now several ways to obtain proof of address quickly and easily. From online services to government-issued documents, there are many options available for anyone who needs to provide proof of address.

In Panama, Justices of the Peace can also issue proofs of domicile or certifications of residency to Panamanian citizens or foreigners, and the requirements are as follow:

  • A formal written request addressed to the Justice of the Peace
  • Copy of the national identity document or passport of the applicant
  • Utility bill in the name of the applicant.
  • Copy of the personal identity card of two witnesses
  • Each witness would need to fill out and sign an affidavit


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