Hiring a Panamanian lawyer for the trademark registration process is required. The Panama trademark application form shall include the following:

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant (individual or legal entity). If it is a juridical person, the application should indicate the place of incorporation and incorporation details.
  • Name and address of the corporaton’s legal representative or attorney-in-fact and a document proving legal representation.
  • If the applicant is domiciled abroad, an address should be indicated for the purposes of administrative or judicial notifications related to the trademark.
  • Denomination and/or design of the trademark, as how it will be used in the market.
  • The products or services for which it is desired to register the trademark, according to the Nice Agreement, with indication of the number of the class or classes.
  • Claim of the right of priority, when applicable, according to international conventions ratified by the Republic of Panama.


The documents listed below must be included with this application.

  • Power of attorney duly authenticated by a Panamanian Notary Public or apostilled for use in Panama. If the apostille certificate is writtten in a language other than Spanish, it must be translated by a Panamanian sworn translator.
  • A reproduction of the mark in two copies where the trade mark has a script, shape, or colour, or is a figurative, mixed, or three-dimensional mark (with or without colour), one of which must be attached and/or digitalized in the application form.
  • Translation and transliteration of Non-Spanish wording in mark, where applicable. Spanish language translation must be performed by a Panamanian public translator.
  • When a priority right has been claimed, the supporting documents indicated in the Regulations must be submitted, according to the international conventions ratified by Panama.
  • Declaration of use or intention to use the mark. For marks that are already in use, it must be indicated that the “mark is used”. If the mark is not yet in use, it must be indicated that the “mark will be used”.
  • Statement claiming the color or colors as distinctive features of the mark and/or the three-dimensional shape, where applicable.
  • Receipt of payment of the fees corresponding to publication and registration of the trademark in Panama. The applicant must pay one hundred and forty-five US dollars (US$145.00) for obtaining protection of industrial property rights during the first ten years. This applies to one class only. For each additional class, the fee would be one hundred twelve US dollars (US$112.00).

Maintenance of Industrial Property rights:
The renewal fee is one hundred thirty-four US dollars (US$134.00) per class. This payment must be made every ten years.


If you need to hire a Panamanian attorney or a certified translator for a trademark registration application, please let us know.