What Are the Requirements for Applying for a Medical and Dental Specialty License in the Republic of Panama?

  • Power of attorney (POA) and application, addressed to the Technical Health Council. The power of attorney must be granted to a Panamanian licensed lawyer or a Panamanian law firm. The POA must be printed on 8 ½ x 13 paper.
  • Copy of the resolution granting licensing for the free practice of the profession of general medicine or dentistry.
  • Diploma or Certificate of Specialty, with the start and end date of said Medical or Dental Specialty.
  • Specialty Program Transcripts.
  • Specialty or Subspecialty Program.
  • Certification of Rotation Abroad for Specialties Requiring It in the Specialty Program.
  • When the Specialty or Residency is obtained abroad, the documents must be duly authenticated by the corresponding authorities in that country and by the Panamanian consular authorities or apostilled in countries adhering to the Hague Convention.
  • Certification of the Panamanian consul’s signature at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama, by the corresponding official.
  • When the documents are issued in a language other than Spanish, they must be translated by a Panamanian authorized public translator, on 8 ½ x 13 paper, and each page must bear revenue stamps worth US$8.00.
  • To collect the certificate of competence and license for the free practice of the medical or dental specialty, the applicant is responsible for both affixing revenue stamps worth US$50.00 on each page and paying a processing fee of US$20.00.
  • The original copies and a photocopy of each requested document must be presented.

Legal Basis: Regulations for Medical and Dental Specialties and Subspecialties in the Republic of Panama.

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