This permit allows foreigners to invest a minimum of US$80,000.00 in reforestation or forest plantation activities, with additional investments required if they need to include dependents.


  • Notarized Power of Attorney granted to a Panamanian licensed lawyer and Application.
  • Three (3) photographs.
  • Notarized or authenticated Passport copy.
  • Certificate of Criminal Record.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Certified checks payable to the National Treasury of Panama and the National Immigration Service.
  • Personal Background Affidavit Form.
  • Certificate of Public Registry of the company’s existence.
  • Sworn statement from company’s secretary or treasurer for legal entities.
  • Certification from an authorized certified public accountant (CPA) detailing investment.
  • Authenticated copy of share certificate or business contract.
  • Copy of Ministry of Environment’s resolution for forestry registration.
  • Certificate of company’s existence from Public Registry of Panama.
  • Certificate of ownership from Public Registry of Panama.
  • Proof of direct investment in reforestation activities.

Extension of temporary permits for forestry investment

Interested parties must provide:

  • Certification of ongoing investment from the reforestation company.
  • Certification from competent authority validating reforestation company’s existence.
  • Certification from competent authority validating reforestation company’s registry.

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