The National Immigration Service of Panama may deport and order the prevention of entry into the national territory for foreigners under any of the following circumstances:

  • Entering the country in an irregular manner, except for exceptions established in special laws.
  • Remaining in an undocumented or irregular manner within the national territory of Panama..
  • Engaging in conduct contrary to morality and good customs.
  • Threatening public security, national defense, and public health in Panama.
  • Having served a prison sentence.
  • Engaging in any other activity as determined by the law.

Before ordering deportation, the immigration authority of Panama shall:

  • Verify the existence of the facts that motivate it..
  • Allow the foreigner to present their defense, either in person or through a lawyer..
  • Respect the human rights and fundamental guarantees of the foreigner.
  • Order detention.
  • Personally notify the resolution ordering detention.
  • Ensure the preservation of the best interests of minors and the family unit.

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