The National Immigration Service of Panama has the authority to refuse entry or transit through the country of Panama, as well as to revoke the corresponding visa or immigration permit, in the following situations:

  • The presence of an order issued by a competent authority that bars their entry.
  • The submission of national or foreign documentation, whether materially or ideologically falsified or adulterated, with the intention of acquiring a visa to access the national territory of Panama.
  • The attempt to enter the national territory of Panama using a document that does not comply with the requirements of current legislation.
  • A prior criminal record in the individual’s country of origin or provenance. An application for provisional or permanent residence may be rejected if the applicant has a criminal record.
  • Constituting a risk or posing a threat to national security or the international community.
  • Suffering from an illness categorized by the Ministry of Health of Panam as a public health risk or hailing from a country or region declared as a region of high epidemiological risk by the World Health Organization or the Pan American Health Organization.
  • Having been deported or expelled from the country of Panama, with the expulsion order still in effect.
  • Violating the provisions of the present regulations.

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