Panama is a country with a pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes and a very stable economy. If you are thinking of moving to Panama and enrolling in an elementary school, high school or university in Panama, you should take into account that your academic documents must be legalized or apostilled in the country of issue before you begin your studies in the country of Panama. In addition, if the documents are written in a language other than Spanish, such documents must be translated and also legalized or apostilled for use in Panama. A certified translation is required for these types of formalities.

Some Panamanian universities also offer courses in English. Since Panama is a multicultural nation, English is practically a second language in our country. In recent years, both public and private primary and secondary schools are placing more emphasis on teaching English as a second language.

In Panama, public documents are apostilled or legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama. The application is very simple and is done online. Finally, the applicant must visit the Authentication and Legalization Office of said Ministry to complete the procedure.

If you are overseas, your academic documents can be legalized at the Panamanian Consulate in the country where the documents were issued or by the corresponding authority in the issuing country.

Regarding diplomas and transcripts from primary and secondary schools, foreign academic documents must be validated before the Regional Office of the Ministry of Education of Panama.

It is important to follow these steps in order to be able to present foreign documents in Panama and have them accepted.

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